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MARCH 11-23 EVENT?! Signs and Evidence

This video is very compelling!

Twenty Five Symptoms Of Nibiru

This is a short list of twenty five symptoms of Nibiru the brown dwarf with multiple moons in the alignment of an 'X' [link to] in pictures from a south pole observatory telescope. These symptoms include but are not limited to:

1. Massive migrating animal deaths taking place all over the globe [link to]
2. Major super storm floods taking place everywhere [link to]
3. Magnetic pole migration that have been going on since 2004 [link to]
4. Irregular weather causing food shortages [link to]
5. Increased volcano eruptions [link to]
6. Increased earthquakes [link to]
7. The wobble in the earth's rotation getting worse [link to]
8. Sunrise coming 2 days early in Greenland [link to]
9. Yellowstone ground bulging from active magma swells [link to]
10. No media coverage [link to] of Planet X/Comet Elenin calculated to pass only 21.6 million miles from earth [link to]
11. FEMA buying food and supplies for an expected New Madrid Fault Catastrophe [link to]
12. Severe winter weather [link to]
13. Airports closing down to remark their runways [link to] over magnetic pole migration.
14. Rogue tides from rising oceans [link to]
15. Sea Level Strangeness [link to]
16. Moon out of place [link to]
17. Increased solar radiation [link to]
18. Increased sink hole activity [link to] and large cracks forming [link to]
19. Global Warming of all planets in our solar system (story).
20. Unprecedented changes in sun and planets [link to]
21. Wacky Compasses [link to]
22. Leaky magnetic field [link to]
23. Weather/climate-induced food shortages [link to]
24. Mega solar flare activity [link to] and [link to]
25. Global ocean conveyor disruption [link to]

This list could grown to more than a thousand things that are going wrong on the earth for the same reason, as this link [link to] describes 600+ things caused by global warming alone. The lying science community and media and our corrupt politicians want you to believe that human beings are causing all of these problems [link to] when in reality they are all caused by the approach of a brown dwarf entering our inner solar system for a once every 3600-year orbit around our Sun. My Planet X/Nibiru/ELEnin Brown Dwarf Event Timeline [link to] has the most comprehensive analysis and commentary describing a chronological sequential timeline of events than you can find anywhere on the internet. Google [link to] , NASA, the US Govt and the Media are doing everything possible to hide Nibiru [link to] from the people in order to avoid sending the global population into panic, when in reality they are withholding valuable lifesaving information as accomplices to deliberate global genocide.

[link to]

This Is What Google/NASA/Govt Do Not Want You To See

Supposedly in December 2010 an Russian discovered a mystery comet approaching earth [link to] named LEOnid ELEnin [link to] using a little 18-inch telescope, which stands for Extinction-Level Event from Leo Constellation. NASA provided us with the ELEnin Comet orbit diagram data [link to] to create the illusion that these Nibiru ‘Events’ will be a harmless comet show. This supposed comet (brown dwarf) reaches perigee position on September 11, 2011 exactly ten years after the 9/11 attacks. The third conjunction alignment takes place on November 22, 2011, or the same day that JFK was murdered. The Global Banksters, their bought-and-paid-for corrupt politicians and their Media mogals are right now loading food and supplies into underground bunkers [link to] in preparation for Nibiru, while you are being left out of the information loop to be caught by surprise on March 4, 2011, when the brown dwarf breaks through the solar ecliptic plane. FEMA is preparing for Nibiru under the disguise of getting ready for a New Madrid Fault Line Catastrophe [link to] while you sit there unprepared.

[link to]

The House of Rothschild (planned and financed 9/11 attacks [link to] siphoned off all your wealth with his Global Banking Cartel and is now printing the fiat dollar to oblivion to destroy the US/Global Economies to now lead the world to war. Then he can finance both sides all over again like in Nazi Germany with Adolf Hitler and his concentration camps and gas ovens and railway cars filled with Jews and then lye for shoveling out into mountains of fertilizer to feed his master race. The number one reason that the USA is destroyed [link to] is because you allowed a Rothschild central bank [link to] to set up shop and steal you blind and the Rockefeller’s and Morgan’s and their lot are his American Bankster little helpers.

All of these things have a common denominator and they all point to the approach of a brown dwarf between the size of Jupiter and the Sun that has been affecting Earth climate, magnetic field, orbit and tilt since about 2004 and the symptoms are about to become FAR worse after March 4, 2011. I have gone to great effort in order to present you with the red pill [link to] so that you can wake up from the Media-induced trance and see the real world and what is about to happen; or you can laugh with the trolls and shills to wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe.

I personally am hoping all of this is a dream and hoping for the best, while also prepping for the worst-case scenario and so should you.


Nibiru/Planet X Event Timeline

Greetings to All:

Important changes must be made to my original Brown Dwarf Timeline based upon updated information. NASA has also updated Elenin Comet information that has changed slightly:

[link to]
Feburary 20, 2011 Updated Nibiru Brown Dwarf Timeline [link to]

[link to]

Feb 20 Nibiru between Jupiter and Mars orbits. 2.48 AU from Earth.

March 4 Nibiru breaks through ecliptic plane for earth change symptoms to increase dramatically. 2.261 AU from Earth.

March 11 Saturn, Nibiru, Earth, Sun, Mars, Jupiter and Uranus are in alignment creating gravity trench for volcano/earthquake/tidal events to escalate. First Conjunction. 2.1 AU from Earth.

June 27 Nibiru crosses Mars orbit. 1.789 AU from Earth.

[link to]

Aug 3 Nibiru crosses Earth orbit and Earth reaches Nibiru perigee orbit angle position. 1.489 AU from Earth.

Aug 21 Nibiru crosses Venus orbit. 1.198 AU from Earth.

Sept 11 Nibiru reaches perigee position at Mercury orbit. 0.708 AU from Earth.

Sept 19 Nibiru equidistant from Sun And Earth. 0.523 AU from Earth.

Sept 26 Nibiru passes between Sun and Earth for second alignment (second shaking of Hopi prophecy) for anticipated Geological Pole Shift Event. Second Conjunction. 0.396 AU from Earth.

[link to]

Oct 2 Nibiru at Venus orbit. 0.316 AU from Earth.

Oct 17 Nibiru at Earth orbit and nearest position. 0.232 AU from Earth @ 21.57 million miles.

Nov 14 Nibiru crosses Mars orbit. 0.46 AU from Earth.

Nov 22 Nibiru, Earth and Sun alignment for Pole Shift Reversal Event. Third conjunction 0.58 AU from Earth.

Nibiru will finally be farther from the Earth than the Sun on Feb 29, 2012 marking 163 days from Sept. 19, 2011 that Nibiru is nearer our planet than the Sun.

A brown dwarf between Jupiter and Sun mass is approaching Earth from 5h 53m 27s -6 10' 58 [link to] coordinates at 100,000 miles per hour covering 2.4 million miles each day from the Orion Constellation just below Orion's lower-left belt location and expected to break through the ecliptic plane on March 4, 2011; when Nibiru Earth Change Symptoms are expected to become far worse. The brown dwarf with multiple moons [link to] is currently on an inbound trajectory towards Mercury orbit and located between Jupiter orbit and Mars orbit.

The brown dwarf (Nibiru) is the object being currently tracked by NASA as the Psyop Leonid ELEnin Comet that is expected to come into alignment with Sun and Earth at the first of three conjunctions on March 15, 2011; which is what all the false flag psyop disinformation is calling the pole shift. The Dwarf is still too far away (2.1 AU) to assume polarity control of the Earth from the Sun. This first conjunction/alignment is actually the first of three 'shakings' or cavitation events of Hopi Prophecy that includes no pole shift at all. The magnetic poles of our planet are not shifting, but are 'migrating' from the approach of the brown dwarf and the powerful magnetic field and polarity entering our inner solar system; which has been going on since 2004. The dynamic gravitational Tug-of-War between the Sun, Earth and Brown Dwarf is enhanced by the near-alignment of seven planetary/solar bodies at this first conjunction shown in the first diagram above and demonstrated by a red conjunction line depicting extreme gravitational force. The next major event for Nibiru is June 27, 2011, when the dwarf crosses the Mars orbit.

Diagram 2 starts at August 3, 2011 when Nibiru crosses Earth orbit to then cross Venus orbit on August 21, 2011. Then we see Nibiru/Elenin reach perigee position nearest the Sun on September 11, 2011 exactly ten years from the 9/11 attacks [link to] when the dwarf begins the 3600-year orbit once again. September 26, 2011 marks the day of the second conjunction when Nibiru is only 0.396 AU from Earth (36.8 million miles), when the dwarf is expected to gain polarity control over the Earth to cause the Geological Pole Shift. This is the second shaking of Hopi Prophecy when the Earth will bow to Nibiru's awesome magnetic field/polarity, so the northern hemisphere experiences days of darkness; while the southern hemisphere is drawn nearer the Sun. There are 14 days between the brown dwarf reaching perigee position and this conjunction with the Earth and Sun being equidistant to the dwarf on the 7th day (Sept. 18).

October 2 is the day that the brown dwarf crosses Venus' orbit again to begin trekking in the direction of Earth. Our planet is still being pulled towards the Sun, but by this time we are also being pulled forward into the massive gravity well. Two weeks go by (Oct. 17) and the brown dwarf crosses the Earth orbit line to pass directly in front of our planet at just 21.57 million miles away, which is the nearest point in our encounter. The brown dwarf crosses the Mars orbit line on November 14, 2011 on way to the third conjunction on November 22 where the Earth passes directly between the two once again like on March 15. This marks the time of the Geological Pole Shift Reversal, and third Hopi Prophecy 'shaking' that tips the Earth back to near the current position, as the Sun regains polarity control from Nibiru racing away from the inner solar system.

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(Chuckle) Rush Limbaugh Spills The Beans

This is pretty good post I found over at SOURCE and the original SOURCE
HA!!! This pretty much sums up Rush (Rushblow) Limpblob.

I see you white guys are here discussing our Jewish masters.

Before I say anything, my Jewish handlers are telling me to tell you to "Put a foreign country before your own and support Israel".

Welcome to the EIB Network
Hello folks, and welcome to the EIB network where I - El Rushbo will enlighten you with jew-spin. That's right folks - they pay me 400 million Jewish Federal Reserve Notes to act as an Israeli propaganda tool. Who pays me you ask? Well, I'll tell you.

My Israeli Boss

This is the Israeli who signs my check. Just look at the beak on that bitch.

You didn't know my ultimate boss is an Israeli? An Israeli woman by the name of Orit Gadiesh...used to work in "Israeli Intelligence"...actually the rumor is that she's MOSSAD...well - she's the CEO of a company called Bain Capital Partners in Boston Bain Capital owns Clear Channel Communications - and I work directly for Clear Channel Premier Radio Networks.

Anyway, Orit Gadiesh is an Israeli national with direct ties to the Israeli Intelligence community - and as you know - propaganda is real important to those Israeli Intelligence types.

They pay me lots of Jewish Federal Reserve Notes to:

1) Channel your anger away from Israel and Jews, and
2) Get you to associate "patriotism" with support for a foreign nation - Israel.

Know any Iraq/Afghanistan vets? This is what they're fighting and dying for.

My Jewish Propaganda Job
My job is all about propaganda and focusing your anger about the Jewish agenda on everything but the Jews.

Sure, I'm allowed to play the "Left" vs. "Right" angle, "Conservative" vs "Liberal", "Republican" vs "Democrat", and even to some extent I can talk about "Affirmative Action" and "Illegal Immigration"....but NEVER Jews except to tell you to "Put a foreign country before your own and support Israel".

I can't say anything truthful about about the Jews or their true agenda.

They would immediately cut of my supply of Jewish Federal Reserve Notes if I did that.

My Listeners
I gotta admit folks, you people out there who listen to me on a regular basis...and support me........well, you're retards. Makes me laugh to think about it.

What do I care as long as I get my pile of Jewish Federal Reserve Notes?

Right - I don't care. Nobody's ever going to accuse me of being a "patriot". That's for sure.

I only care about me and what those notes can do for me. How else could a portly guy like me get 18 year old hotties to give him a blowjob on his own private jet?

Consider that the next time you're flying coach.

Jewish Federal Reserve Notes

That brings up an interesting subject folks....listen - open up your wallet and take out a bill and look at it. I'll wait while you do that............... Ok.

Look at the top margin on the front.

What does it say? It says "FEDERAL RESERVE NOTE". It doesn't say "UNITED STATES NOTE", does it? No.

Hold on, a caller is asking: "Rush, why are you calling Federal Reserve Notes Jewish"? Caller, I know this may come as a shock to you but the Jewish Federal Reserve is run by Jews. And Jews, as you know, are devoted to the Jewish Nation - Israel. Case in point: Ben Shalom Bernanke. Shalom, caller.

So what exactly is the origin of that note? Who issued it and under what authority? It says right on there that the United States Government did NOT issue that note.

The FEDERAL RESERVE issued that note. Keep in mind that the Federal Reserve is "Federal" in name only. Just like "Federal Express", it's a private entity. Yes, the Private Jewish Federal Reserve issued that note. How did that happen - magic?

Jewish Magic

Ever hear of "Jewish Lighting"? Well, there's also such a thing as "Jewish Magic". Jewish Magic is when a group of foreign International Bankers bribe members of congress and the President (Woodrow Wilson, in this case) to enact a law giving a private group of Jewish bankers the exclusive right to "create" your money and lend it to your government for repayment plus interest.

Oh...and the interest rate for repayment is set by those same Jewish bankers. Is that awesome or what folks?

Can you imagine the kind of power that a situation like that would entail for that group of Jewish bankers? Just imagine the implications of that kind of power.

Apparently, Thomas Jefferson could imagine the implications of that kind of power - as he said:

"'If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation the banks and corporations that grow up around them will deprive the people of all property until their children wake up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered.'
How did Jefferson know that? Because that was the whole reason the Revolutionary War was fought. The Jewish Bank of England was in control of the British government and saw the colonies as a nice addition to their financial portfolio.

Hang on folks...a caller asks "Rush, why are you calling the Jewish Bank of England Jewish?" Ok caller, the Bank of England is a "Rothschild" bank. Rothschild means "Red Shield" in German.

Rothschild is an assumed name taken by a Jewish banker named Meyer Amschel Bauer - who founded the Bank of England (among others). Gotta know your history folks...get with the program.

Not About Tea
So why the war? I'll give you a hint: the Revolution wasn't about TEA.

The colonies started printing their own money - and that's a big Jewish no-no. It deprives them of their power over you. That's the same thing Hitler did to resurrect the German economy.

Anyway, we've had this Jewish Federal Reserve thing since 1913. So how does it work again?

It goes like this: The Jewish Federal Reserve banks literally "create" money by simply making a "book entry". That's right - they just write down a number...and that amount of money is "created".

Then, they lend it to the US government with a promise to repay it plus interest.

That's what "debt-based" currency is. It's based on your "debt" to the Jews and your "interest" payments to the Jews.

Folks, you're looking confused . Do you need to re-read that? Go ahead if you need to.

Interest Based Jewish Capitalism
Ain't collecting interest great?

Did you know that collecting interest is a sin under Islam? It's called "Riba". It's a sin because it leads to "interest slavery". A great evil - the weight of which you live under right now.

So now you know why you're being programmed to believe that Islam is "evil". It sure is evil, especially if you're a Jewish Banker. Islamic banks are forbidden to charge interest.

Yes, the Jewish Bankers just get deluged with money from essentially nowhere. Isn't that awesome?

I guess that's why they call them the "chosen" people. Long story short, with all that money they have subverted governments, manipulated economic depressions, acquired assets, and even hired propaganda tools like me.

Interest Slavery
Under Hitler, Germany did away with "interest slavery". They kicked out the Jewish Bankers and started printing their own money - based on....nothing.

Nothing at all but the confidence of the German worker. They forbade "unearned income" and made "work" mandatory...hence the German phrase "Arbeit macht frei" - which means "work liberates" or "work will set you free".

Once their economy and their currency were under their control, in 5 years Germany went from a destitute nation to the world's most powerful economy. Simply by reforming its money and banking systems.

You're not allowed to know about that. Just the Holocaust. That's all you need to know about Hitler's Germany. The Holocaust, "death" camps, gas chambers and the suffer-hink. Never mind if it's not true. All you need to know is that Jews are "victims".

Shadow Government
A caller is asking "Rush, what does this Jewish Federal Reserve thing have to do with niggers?". Caller, The Jewish Federal Reserve System is your Shadow Government. Those Jews are pulling all the strings here. They even tell me what to say and when to say least when I'm on the air.

Collective Guilt Campaign
This Jewish Shadow Government implemented the "collective guilt campaign" in post WW2 Germany which sought to individually charge each and every white German with this really big whopper of an atrocity called the Holocaust.

Why Collective Guilt?
The Collective Guilt Campaign was designed as an attempt to get the remaining German people to disassociate from National Socialist Germany. The Campaign sought to equate Nationalism and self-preservation as somehow "evil".

During the final months of the war, the Germans were not ABLE to supply the camps (or German civilians) with food or medicine. Lots of people died - including German civilians.

These people are US CIVIL WAR prisoners held at ANDERSONVILLE. Were civil war soldiers being "HOLOCAUSTED"?
The same game-plan of "collective guilt" was then used against each and every individual white American in the United States during the Jew/Communist "civil rights campaign" for the Slavery of negroes.

Never mind that the center of Slavery in the US was Newport, Rhode Island and that essentially ALL of the slave traders were Jews. The slave traders were Jews, the slave ship owners were Jews and the slave ship crews were Jews.

Never mind that the Jews didn't free the slaves - white men freed them.

Never mind any of that - you as a white person are guilty.

Why Collective Guilt Again?
Because it worked the first time. As those of you who played football know, even the most inept team will begin to catch on if you keep running the same play.

Hell, even I know this and I never played sports at all because my rotund physique would have put me at too much of an advantage. But I sure do watch a lot of niggerball - so even I, El Rushbo, know when a team keeps running the same play.

So Team Jew is out there running the same play over and over. So far, your defense has been rather lackluster. It's almost as if your coaching staff is working for the other team.

Team Jew
Caller, go ahead: "Um - Rush, so basically Team Jew keeps running the same play on us? So, why don't we recognize it and plug the hole?"

Caller, in order to recognize the play - you first have to recognize that you're in a game and facing an opponent - right caller?

Well, Team Jew is doing everything it can to cover the fact that they even exist. They're trying to be "invisible". This is why you get fired for connecting the dots between, say, banking and Jews - media and Jews - or government policy and Jews.

Ever notice that Jews commonly change their names to non-Jewish sounding names? That's one of their devices to attempt to become "invisible" to you. You see caller - Team Jew doesn't want you to know they're there. But they are there - and they're scoring points on you. Look at 'em go.

You know the saying: "Fool me once - shame on you...fool me twice - shame on me"...right? The reason they used it again on White Americans was because it worked on White Germans. And you White Americans are genetically similar to your brother Germans.

The aim of the Collective Guilt Campaign with respect to the Negroes was to get white people to disassociate with their own heritage - because it is somehow "evil".

Catching on yet?

This was done to damage white European solidarity. You are reaping the benefits of all that today...especially in places like Detroit. Visit Detroit's the American Haiti.

Slavery is alive and well TODAY in SHITTY AFRICA. It took WHITE MEN to end slavery in the civilized world. That's right...WHITE MEN.

Endgame: Communism & JewControl
Essentially, the goal is to crash the current system and replace it with Jew-run communism as they did in Soviet Russia. Some people call that the "new world order". Call it what you will, but cultural Marxism (aka, political correctness) and communism go hand in hand.

Karl Marx's real name was Karl Mordecai - his father was a Rabbi. It's all about Jews destroying white civilization to the benefit of Jews. That's what they're trying to do.

12 Jews Honored on African Stamps as Apartheid Fighters

“This stamp issue acknowledges the extraordinary sacrifices made by Jews to the liberation of their African brethren."

The postal services of Liberia, Gambia and Sierra Leone will simultaneously issue a set of three commemorative postal sheets on Tuesday in memory of 12 Jews – men and women – who fought Apartheid and racism in Africa.

In the struggle against South African Apartheid, according to one of the commemorative sheets, it was estimated that Jews were overrepresented by 2,500 percent in proportion to the governing white population.

“This stamp issue acknowledges the extraordinary sacrifices made by Jews to the liberation of their African brethren, and these stamps recognize some of the most significant contributors to global humanity in the 20th century,” reads the text on one of the commemorative sheets.

Each sheet presents four black-and-white photos of stamps featuring the Jewish heroes. Details can be found at

For more gushing over the hypocrites

They are the world's greatest hypocrites. How's that WALL working for you snakes?

Monday, February 14, 2011


by Val Koinen
February 5, 2011

I have to admit – I never saw it coming. Oh, I have long been racially aware, having been exposed to Negroes and their characteristics and behavior starting at age 11. So I have been something of a race realist ever since I was a boy. And I have long known we had a serious and seriously threatening race problem in America, and that we were not doing the right things to manage that problem and to correct earlier mistakes. That in fact we were making things worse, year after year.

But for most of my adult life, even well past middle-age, I didn’t really, completely appreciate the Jewish problem and the nature of Jews and Jewish perfidy (involving the “complicit and culpable” Jews as I frequently refer to them). And I sure as hell never thought that in one man’s lifetime – my own lifetime –I would witness the downfall and impending destruction of Western Civilization. In my wildest nightmares, I never would have imagined I would bear witness to the near-total dispossession of my people, and especially, of White men. I would never have believed I would live to see us so far along the way to being genocided out of existence, even in our traditional White homelands and particularly in America.

I’m afraid that very few of our people – and even a surprisingly small portion of racially aware and Jew-wise people (so-called “White Nationalist” types) – are fully aware of just how dire our situation is. Very few are aware that we Whites are under full assault – under siege – in a one-sided anti-White state of war, and that we are on the verge of becoming completely dispossessed and defeated. And that our virtual extinction will soon follow.

That, I’m sorry to say, is my “State-of-the-Race Assessment” for 2011. And it’s not just a load of B.S. as was so much of Obama’s recent State of the Union Address. We Whites are truly in dire straits with regard to our natural progression as a people and our very survival as a subspecies of humanity – as the most advanced, talented, achieving, and civilized race the world has ever known.

And yes, the situation surely has gotten much worse even in just the past few months. Things are literally “unraveling” right before our eyes. It’s as though things are now going from bad to worse at an ever-increasing rate; as though we have entered the end-game; as though the Jews are now “moving in for the kill” – getting ready to finally dispense with us Whites as a cohesive racial group; one that has some viability for survival.

Come take a little tour with me. Let’s have a look at just a few of the insanities – situations and occurrences – we Whites, even though we are still the majority race, are being exposed to these days in what should, still and rightly, be “our America”:

We go to the polls and elect a done-nothing, anti-White Marxist; likely illegal (non-natural-born citizen?) Halfrican of mostly unknown background to the office of President of these United States. And then we watch as he in turn appoints a gaggle of non-White, female, Jewish, and homosexual Supremes and other judges, cabinet members, and bureaucrat executives and managers, including a blatantly anti-White Negro Attorney General.

Our TV shows are crammed full of Negroes and other non-Whites portrayed as essential elements of our White society; and in totally unrealistic and ridiculously contrived positions of superiority and as the most wise, thoughtful, and caring characters (while Whites are so often and almost exclusively portrayed as the flunkies, stupid and backward individuals; villains, perps and criminals). TV commercials and print ads are filled with Negroes and mestizos, often paired with our White women.

On the evening network television news, two of three anchors are now women – known politically-correct, liberal, “anti-racist” (= anti-White) women.

Sports on television and in overblown newspaper sections are of course almost entirely dedicated to what can only be called Negro hero-worship.

Our kids’ entertainment and cultural fare have to an appalling degree been negrified, jewified, sexualized and soft-porned, dumbed down, and otherwise savaged and animalized.

Our public school coursework (teaching) and textbooks are full of Jew lies. Our young people’s college educations are perverted by Jewish and Jew-influenced professors and instructors.

We are constantly deluged by Jewish academics’ lies; Jewish think-tank and political activist group lies; Jew columnists’ lies; Jew talk-show host and guest lies; talk-show Negro glorification and anti-White babble; Jew internet bloggers’ lies; lies of religious clergy of all stripes and all manner of church spokespeople; government official and bureaucrats’ lies; mainstream media news report lies and omissions; and on and on ad nauseam.

We are drowning in a sea of non-White immigrants, both quasi-legal and illegal. Ever larger parts of our once-great cities, and smaller towns and large parts of the countryside as well, have been so overtaken by comparatively uncivilized, even savage non-Whites that they have become dangerous no-go areas for White people.

We are constantly bombarded with, and virtually paralyzed by, all the deadly lies of “political correctness;” the supposed virtues of multi-culturalism; the delusional beauty of diversity (and even race mixing); and the supposed benefits of universal altruism, the welfare state, and egalitarianism. For example, we are told that racial “diversity is our strength” when in fact just the opposite is true -- it is deadly and is leading to our demise. Racially diverse and multicultural societies are, in fact, just naturally less cohesive and cooperative, are more divisive and distressed, and are characterized by strife, stress, distrust, and mutual suspicions. And those are just a sampling of the kinds of socially dysfunctional characteristice that will prevail more and more along the way to our extinction.

At the beginning of each year we are forced to suffer through the dual abominations of “Martin Luther King Day” and “Black History Month” (six weeks of N----r worship); topped off by a continual diet of force-fed “Holocaust” indoctrination and remembrance later in the spring – all of which are disgusting and demeaning assaults on our White sensibilities, and all of which are founded on lies. (Although I will say, the MLK-Day media hype seemed to be a little subdued this year compared with recent years past – a promising sign that people are getting tired of that garbage?)

With regard to the MLK-Day travesty – one thing that has always bothered me to no end is how those who promoted that disgusting, anti-White and anti-American official federal holiday had the gall (the chutzpah), at essentially the same time, to get his voluminous FBI file sealed for 50 years. Can you believe that? Here we relegate our truly great founders and early-day White presidents to a shared holiday in order to make room on the calendar so we can venerate this black, anti-White racist, plagiarist, whore-monger communist; and then we deliberately seal his dark and subversive record so most of the people of America won’t know his true history so they can’t raise hell about it. That’s just B.S.! We should never have done that; we should never have allowed it to be done. We should demand full disclosure of those files, now! And then, we should throw that monstrous “day of recognition” on the dung-heap where it belongs.

Day after day, we continue to suffer the hugely disproportionate crimes perpetrated by Negroes and mestizos on our people (and for that matter, all the horrible crimes they commit against their own people and everybody and everything else). And their raping and sodomizing babies. And raping and murdering our White women. And beating the crap out of White kids and old White ladies. And killing cops. Which are all things they seem to enjoy doing all the time. This preponderance of non-White criminality is so bad that it has been a significant factor in the impending bankruptcy of many cities and even states.

And then we Whites are forced to suffer hugely hypocritical racial double standards at every turn: Jews advocating brutal apartheid in their illegitimate, “shitty little country” Israel while working full tilt for integration and race mixing in America; Whites not being allowed to band together and work for White interests while all the other races are encouraged to do so; ridiculous “hate crimes” (thought crimes) put on the books but then essentially applied only to Whites (who commit far fewer crimes against the darker races than vice-versa). And if you happen to be Christian, your activities and displays of your faith – even your main holiday Christmas – are severely limited if not forbidden and outlawed while Muslims and Jews are both allowed to, if not encouraged to, publicly tout and promote and celebrate theirs.

We are letting the job-stealing, wage-reducing, disproportionately criminal (from organized gang-members to common drunk and unlicensed and uninsured drivers), welfare-prone, gringo-hating mestizo immigrant invasion continue to take over large parts of our country. And that’s just for starters – with their high birthrate, coupled with our lowered replacement rates, we are being socially and politically overwhelmed by those invaders – virtually all of whom are aliens when it comes to language, culture, heritage, habits, and social behavior (all of them, of course, being racial aliens).

The fact is, thanks mainly to the Jew media moguls, our popular culture (mainly TV, movies, magazine content, and music) has now been thoroughly Jewified and Negrified. It has pretty much gone to s--t (vulgar, crude, saturated with gratuitous sex play and sexual innuendo, and soft porn).

We are now seeing, with increasing frequency, blacks cast in starring roles as central characters in stories of White history and mythology (for example the Negro Friar Tuck in a recent production of “Robin Hood,” and a black “Thor” in that tale of Norse mythology. That should be unacceptable to all Whites, and we should let the Hollywood Jews know that by boycotting those productions and guaranteeing that they fail financially (maybe too late for that in the case of Robin Hood?).

In several of my earlier essays I have mentioned the Muslim threat to the traditional White nations of Europe. But I haven’t had much to say about their presence in America. That has to change. They are rapidly becoming a very serious threat to our culture and governance and society, right here at home. We simply must get a better handle on that situation as well.

The most recent U.S. census has shown that our non-White population percentages have sharply increased while the White population percentage has drastically declined (no surprise there). And race mixing has increased substantially. If we continue down this road, more and more of our country will begin to look like Haiti, or Mexico. If we continue to mix with non-Whites, and especially Negroes; it will degrade our genes – our bloodline. In essence, it will mongrelize us. Our people – White people – will eventually be extinguished. Whites will eventually all but disappear from the face of the earth, but before that happens America will become just another Brazil, Mexico, or Egypt. Our intelligence will be drained out of us; our abilities and creativity will be sapped. Our culture will be gone forever.

The fact is, it seems we Whites have come to expect, and even to sheepishly accept all these things. We’ve been taught to just keep bending over and taking it up the gazoo – and all too many of us have learned that lesson all too well. And guess who our teachers have been? Yep, it’s the “complicit and culpable” Jews again, through their control of and disproportionate influence in the media and entertainment, the government, and the public education system. In fact we’ve been so brainwashed so long and so thoroughly by Jews, with the help of liberal, politically correct White dupes and race traitors, that I’m afraid we no longer have it in us to resist, to compete, to be tough and even mean (about the right things) when required; or to even want to survive. I know – that’s sick, and insane – but it’s the truth.

I have to tell you – I for one am getting damned sick and tired of all the lies. And of all this politically correct and “anti-racist” (anti-White) crap. Even to the point of being condemned for being an evil “racist” for simply criticizing our most likely illegitimate and certifiably incompetent and communistic President Obama (horror of all horrors). Simply for standing up for our own people; for our own interests. And being called a Nazi, and being smeared with the mother of all “hater” labels – “anti-semite” – for saying anything at all critical of Jews or Israel (or for that matter, for even saying the word “Jew” in many circumstances). Or for even just questioning details of the “Holocaust.”

I just want to know – what in the hell is wrong with a White person being a racist? Or even being a “White supremacist?” After all, virtually every member of every other race is an anti-White racist (and that includes Jews, as self-identified ethnics). And, in most ways that matter from the standpoints of human history and civilization and achievement, we Whites have always been and are the superior race! It’s as simple as this: humans are the most evolved, advanced animals – and – Whites are the most evolved and advanced humans. It’s just a fact.

[Now don’t get your panties in a wad over those last comments. Knowing and openly acknowledging the truth that we Whites are the greatest race that ever existed does not mean that we should, or would even want to, dominate the darker races. Or rule them. Or suppress them (we don’t have to – they just naturally tend to suppress themselves by their substandard behavior). Or enslave them (not that we were the only ones who did that back in the days when the practice of slavery was accepted human behavior) (anyway, slavery is “sooo yesterday,” isn’t it?). All that means is that we deserve to and should rightly take pride in our own people and our history, and that we need to separate from the other races and not allow them to share (burden) our society – our territory (living space), government, schools, and culture.]

And I would also like to know – what in hell is wrong with being an anti-Semite (more accurately “anti-Jew”) considering all the horrible things Jews have done to our country and our people (war instigation, spying, attacks on our genetic well-being, efforts to socialize and communize America, news censorship and distortion, political extortion, attempts to stifle our first amendment right of free speech, and on and on)?

The situation we are presently faced with is pure B.S. Let’s deal with reality here. The only healthy, natural, intelligent, and honest way for White people – all White people – to start dealing with this sick world we live in, if they have any hope of changing and improving it, is to be:

Damned sick and tired of being criticized for being racist and anti-semitic (both of which are defensive traits, by the way).

Sick and tired of always having to be “politically correct” – having to be “sensitive,” non-critical, and deferential with regard to non-Whites, Jews, and queers.

Sick and tired of not being able (allowed) to talk the truth about race and racial differences, Negroes, mestizos, Jews and their “holohoax,” and the Jews’ efforts to dispossess us Whites and eventually genocide us out of existence.

Sick and tired of seeing so many Negroes and other non-Whites every time they turn on their TV or open up a newspaper or look at the cover of a magazine (if we want to see that many Negroes we can go to Haiti or Africa (or Detroit); if we want to see that many mestizos we can go to Mexico or Central/South America (or Los Angeles).

Sick and tired of all the unconstitutional affirmative-action and other non-White racial preference injustices in the workplace and universities.

Sick and tired of the Jews and their idiotic White liberals, greedy businessmen, and religious-screwball dupes – their accomplices – working to destroy our White, European culture and heritage; and therefore our White national identity, integrity, and our very future.

Sick and tired of intimate race mixing being relentlessly foisted upon our children on MTV and other Jew TV productions.

For that matter, sick and tired of all the (mostly) Jewish-instigated filthy language and soft porn in prime-time television shows.

You might ask, “how could all of this be?” The answer is: generations of Americans, over some 200 years, have been propagandized and brainwashed by the opinion-forming, culture-bending Jews, who have demonstrated their expertise at exploiting our “benevolent weaknesses” – fairness (fair-play); rooting for the underdog; universal altruism; charity; individualism, and non-critical, rose-colored-glasses egalitarianism.

In any case, in this real world we live in, another year has begun. And it is off to the usual inauspicious start – the start of still another season of insanity (if you follow the headlines day by day as I do, especially on non-mainstream [establishment] sites on the Internet, you’ll know what I mean).

It is hard to believe that things could be much worse than we have seen for the past 10 years. We suffered through the 9/11/01 false-flag tragedy and then eight years of Bush’s philosemitic Israel-ass-kissing, warmongering, and implementation of federal police-state authoritarianism. And since then we’ve come through two years of Obama and his Democratic congressional lackeys working their butts off to further tyrannize and communize America and to further dispossess White people and do away with true White patriots. So, yes, I wouldn’t think things could get much worse. But I wouldn’t bet on it.

What does the year 2011 have in store for us? What do you think?

Will it be yet another year of calamitous, unaffordable loss of rights for White Americans? More cultural degradation and deprivation? More redistribution of wealth (our wealth)? More social and political dispossession (including dispossession from political power)? More loss of territory (cities, parts of cities, towns, and other areas) to the coloreds (mostly Negroes and mestizos)? More genetic pollution, degradation, and destruction? Continuing racial genocide of our people?

Another year of the Jewish media and our government constantly lying to us about essentially all things racial, social, and governmental?

Another year of letting public schools pump racial and historical lies and propaganda into our children’s heads? And allowing the integrated public school system to retard our children’s educations by wasting money and resources on non-Whites and chasing the futile pipe dream of reducing the learning gap between White and black/mestizo children?

Another year of government forcing us to share our society with racial “others” (and their alien histories, cultures, and behavioral norms)?

Another year of our White children and women and elders being preyed upon by non-White criminal beasts?

Another year of sending our young men and women off to fight foreign wars for the Israeli Jews?

Another year of sitting on our hands and watching as the mestizos pursue their “reconquista” and literally take over large areas of our country?

Another year of watching both major national political parties pander to all the minority sub-groups (Negroes, mestizos, homos, etc.) and bust their asses competing with each other to do the Jews’ bidding?

Another year of encouraging our boys and young men to worship Negro sports “heroes?” And to talk like them, dress like them, and listen to their deranged and savage so-called “music?” Of telling our daughters it is O.K. to copulate and mate with them?

Another year of watching television productions that relentlessly and shamelessly promote a false Negro presence in both shows and commercials?

Another year of more Jew-induced recession, unemployment, rising prices, home foreclosures, etc. – and at the same time, more banker and broker bonuses and bailouts?

And the answer is: probably. Thanks, Jews. Thanks, dumb-ass liberal dupes. Thanks, all you greedy businesspeople and misguided, power-mad, Jew-beholden politicians.

Now, I have, through my oftentimes polemical essays, tried my best to “sound the alarm” – tried to help wake some few of our people up to the situation that has been developing around us, to the truth about racial problems and the Jewish menace in America, and the darkness that is descending upon us. To offer some insight, and realistic alternative perspectives relevant to our problems. And to be a gadfly of sorts in an effort to get people thinking about these life-and-death issues.

But clearly, writing an infrequently updated blog of pro-White essays on the Internet is not enough (especially considering my very limited readership but even in the case of better written and presented and much more widely read White-Interest and White Nationalist blogs and websites).

One thing we clearly need is a viable and aggressive organization that works for open, public, unabashed White advocacy.

We need genuine, widespread activism. And this year – the year 2011 – might well be just about our “last call” for that activism; our final chance (if indeed it is not already too late). Our last chance to put the brakes on all this anti-White treason and racial suicide and to start turning things around – to start back up the long road to White racial redemption.

We have to start talking to – explaining things to – our families, relatives, friends, and neighbors – communicating honestly, persistently, and effectively, and with passionate objectivity. We need to awaken our people, get them to once again take pride in who they are, help them to realize the simple truth that “race is everything” in the natural world where species (and subspecies) compete for space and resources, and instill in them the desire to fight for and preserve their racial heritage. We need to be effective in communicating to them the truth about such things as: race, Negroes, mestizos, Jews, the “holohoax,” diversity/multiculturalism, integration, race mixing, genetics, and White genocide.

We need to counter Jewish control of the mainstream media by distributing literature – essays, flyers, “propaganda” illustrations with explanatory messages, etc. – massive and continuous distributions of quality materials, in every corner of the country with a substantial White presence.

Then, we must work to counter and overcome Jewish financial power by exercising our own “power of the purse” via casual but directed boycotting of anti-White companies, stores, products, advertising, and media content. And we need to write letters explaining those actions to the perpetrators. And at the same time we need to proactively support White businessmen and companies whenever and wherever we can.

We need to exercise our still-overwhelming political power by voting for candidates who espouse positive White-interest thinking and positions. And work for pro-White candidates, and encourage qualified pro-White people to run for office; and stand for political offices ourselves, on all possible levels.

We need to make ourselves heard in the public forum – via letters to editors of newspapers and magazines, call-ins to radio talk shows, and attendance at and active participation in all kinds of school meetings (school boards, PTA, parent-teacher conferences, etc.).

We need to use the legal system and the courts to our advantage by filing criminal charges and lawsuits whenever warranted to protect White interests, right wrongs, etc.

But the most disconcerting thing I want to mention in this essay is that none of this really even matters because we have just learned that some legitimate scientists are predicting that a huge asteroid (Apophis) is on course to impact the earth on April 13, 2036. That is just over 25 years from now! Predictions are that that impact will literally wipe out civilization on earth if we can’t find some way to break up or deflect the asteroid or otherwise prevent that collision. All I have to say is that we damned well better start scouring the African universities for the scientists that can figure out how to handle this threat to the existence of humanity on the planet earth, don’t you think?

Monday, January 24, 2011

Beware Of The Patriot Pied Pipers

Excellent Read on how the Tea Party has been co opted.

By Silver Shield, on January 20th, 2011

“Hold on, my friends, to the Constitution and to the Republic for which it stands. Miracles do not cluster and what has happened once in 6,000 years, may not happen again. Hold on to the Constitution, for if the American Constitution should fail, there will be anarchy throughout the world.”~ Daniel Webster
The National Tea Party will fail because they have NO idea what they are up against. We have seen this movement mobilize, march and protest the political status quo. Their impact has been felt far and wide. Unfortunately, all of this will fail in the end because the same Elite that control both of the Republicans and Democrats have already begun to infiltrate, corrupt and destroy the National Tea Party. Before I go into how this has been accomplished right underneath our noses, I feel it is important to see how we got here.
Ron Paul’s R3volution of the 2008 campaign was the spark that started the fire of the Freedom Movement and eventually the Tea Party.  He introduced himself to America as the “Champion of the Constitution.”  When he spoke, he focused his arguments on what the Constitution said about the issue and never really focused on himself. (This is a rarity with the narcissistic political landscape.)  This idea driven campaign stood in stark contrast to the sound bite, talking point campaigns of the establishment.  It is crazy that somehow parroting sound bites count as informed and enlightened thoughts.
“First they ignore you…”
Ron Paul’s campaign started slowly as he spread his ideas with grass roots support with the help of the internet.  Mr. Paul did not receive much in the way of main stream media coverage.  With the fawning over the Obama Messiah and Hillary Clinton, there was barely any room for the Republicans.  When the Republicans did get attention, they focused on establishment monkeys like Giuliani and McCain.  Ron Paul was seen as a footnote and completely ignored.
“Then they laugh at you…”
When it came time for the debates, all of the other Republicans mocked Ron Paul and his seemingly old fashioned beliefs in the Constitution.  They openly laughed him as he said that we should not be involved in entangling foreign alliances and policing the world. He was sneered at when he introduced to the debate panel what “blow back” is and why America has lost it’s stature in the world.  He was derided about the economic reality of going further into debt and the destruction of the dollar.  He was jeered at when he suggested that we need less government intrusion in our lives with the War on Terror.
“Then they fight you…”
When it became apparent Ron Paul was a serious contender, raising money and gaining support in spite of the media’s best efforts to stop him.   Both sides of the Republican and Democrat establishment attacked him.  He was called every name in the book.  An isolationist, an anti-Semite, a “wacko,” “a nut,” “a loon,” etc..  They went on to say that he represents the radical fringe element and not a serious candidate.  I felt the most unprofessional attack came from the arrogant George Stephanopoulos at 7:22.  Even Sean Hannity could not spin Ron Paul’s victory at the debates.
“Then you win.” ~Mohandas Gandhi
While Ron Paul’s campaign did not end in Presidential victory, no one can deny that the Freedom Movement and the ensuing Tea Party is starting to dominate the political landscape. This growing and decentralized movement is educating people about everything that made this country great.  The issues are far and wide, everything from the Federal Reserve to immigration.  The truth is getting out there.
The important and ultimately the most dangerous part to the Elite is that the Freedom Movement is a movement of ideas and not personalities.  Ideas cannot be attacked as effectively as personalities and organizations.  When election time comes, the establishment knows how to sway voters based off of irrational emotions instead of rational ideas.  We all heard “Change” and “Yes We Can.”  That was played over and over again while Ron Paul’s excellent statesmanship was derided as “crazy talk”.   People are starting to see that “crazy talk,” is simply not going along with the Elite’s agenda.  The Elite may have won the 2008 election battle with one of their fully bought and paid for puppets, but the war has just begun.  They did take important notice to the advancement made by the Freedom Movement and are actively moving against it.
Most of us have now matured to the fact that we do not have any political freedom and there is not real choice. There is not a damn bit of difference between the Republicans and the Democrats.   Bush out… Obama in… Pelosi out… Boehner in… who cares.   The Elite own both sides of the False Left Right Paradigm.
Think of the WWE where you have a good guy and a bad guy in the ring fighting.  They act like they are fighting, but in reality they entertain/fool the crowd.  The two “fighters” put on a convincing act, but in real life, they are probably really good friends.   That is how it works in D.C. with the Political Elite.  They don’t really care about their ideologies.  They see their ideologies as a means to their end, which is power over you. What is also important to note, is that the WWE owner Vince McMahon does not care who wins the match, as long as the audience believes it.  The Elite families, that control our paradigm, only care if the show is convincing enough to keep us in their little box.
“If we were merely dealing with the law of averages, half of the events affecting our nation’s well-being should be good for America.  If we were dealing with mere incompetence, our leaders should occasionally make a mistake in our favor.  We are not dealing with coincidence or stupidity, but with planning and brilliance.” ~ Gary Allen
There is no real difference on matters of importance, from Bush Sr. to current day Obama.  No matter who is in office or who is in control of Congress…
We are still fighting wars…
We go further into debt…
Our government keeps getting bigger…
Our jobs and factories keep getting sent overseas…
Our education system keeps failing…
Our borders are wide open…
Our freedoms and privacy keep getting encroached upon…
“In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way.” ~ Franklin D. Roosevelt
Nothing turns back the tide because it is planned to be that way. Until we wake up to this fact and stop playing by their rules, this whole Freedom Movement will be for nothing.  We need more fully awake patriots to go through the Sons Of Liberty Academy because once you are aware, you can prepare.  This Academy is the first formalized awakening process designed to create the intellectual foundation for the next American Revolution.
The Elite that own both political parties, also own the media, the military industrial complex and most importantly, the banking system.  They do not want an educated and aware citizen upsetting their little game with “crazy talk” of Constitutional rights, non-interventionism and debt free, honest money.  They MUST keep you working in their paradigm to keep the money flowing and their power increasing.
Which brings me to my warning to the Freedom Movement, Beware of the Patriot Pied Pipers.
The Pied Piper was a rat catcher and was hired by a village to use his  Magic Flute in order to lure all of the rats out of the village and to drown them in the river.   After completing the magical task, the Piper returned to the village for payment.  The villagers reneged on their payment and told him to get lost.  Later, when all of the villagers were at church, the Pied Piper returned with his Magic Flute and lured all of the children into the river to drown.
Our modern day Pied Pipers use all of the same Magic Flute, only this time they lure you with all of the things you want to hear.  They seem to draw you in with unconventional talk that reflects what you feel.  They maybe even better at explaining your feelings better than you can yourself.  This is done very carefully and strategically to sucker you back into the Elite’s paradigm.  There is too much at stake for them to let you think for yourself.
The 2010 Congressional election really was not a good thing for the Freedom Movement.  Sure, we got some guys and girls in office and we seemed to be much more influential in the election, but ultimately it was a hollow Republican victory and not a Tea Party victory.  Nothing will change with this Congress anymore than the last one.  This is inevitable as we mature as a movement.  Real success for the movement is to work outside of the controlled two party paradigm and put our foot down on what we are all about.  So long as we choose the lesser of two evils, we will end up with evil.
I feel the Tea Party should focus solely on Local, State and Congressional races.  It is a fool’s errand to try and spend our precious resources on Presidential and Senate races.  A decentralized effort serves to work in our favor.  The Elite cannot focus their “death star” of power on so many small races.  We need to fight this war guerrilla style, small, mobile and determined.  We need to create our own brand of politics by running as the Tea Party and not as Republicans.
I can hear the moaning now, “but if we don’t work with the Republicans, we will divide the party and the Democrats will win.”   First of all, we have already seen that there is NO difference between the two parties, so who cares.  Secondly, there are currently  42% of the population that does not participate in this charade.   If they thought that there was something to actually vote for, they would get off of their collective asses and vote.  Thirdly, both party’s support is sinking because they are the same shit, different day.  Republicans have a sour taste from Bush and Democrats have a sour taste from Obama.  Both parties have promised change and we got more of the same.
Most importantly, I believe the Freedom Movement has issues that cross all parties.  First and foremost, the Federal Reserve.  The Federal Reserve System has enslaved our nation in debt.  The Freedom Movement could free 330 million debt slaves by ending the Fed’s usurious, fractional reserve, debt based money system.  We could establish debt free money system like Ben Franklin’s successful Colonial Script, or Lincoln’s Greenbacks.  That one issue alone would alleviate so much pressure on our society.  Other issues like immigration, unfair trade, and ending the wars reach across to many more people than one is lead to believe.
Getting back on the topic, the Elite do not want us to mature into our own.  They will do everything they can to keep us safe at home in their paradigm.  So what is the best way to keep us from stepping out into the cold, scary world?  Make it really comfy at home.  With the Republicans taking it on the chin in the 2008 Elections, they have realized that they could no longer use their scare tactics of the Neo Con agenda.  No one has realized this more than Ruppert Murdoch.
Ruppert Murdoch’s Fox News beat the war drums so loud for the Neo Con war agenda, I swear Sean Hannity was going to blow Bald Eagles out of his ass on live TV.   I know this because I was watching it non stop from 2001 to 2005 .  I ate that all up and asked for more.  Terror Alerts, one sided commentary, Neo Con biased reporting, I could not get enough.  Even after I got out of the Marines in 2003, I was still under the spell for two more years until March of 2005.
It was then when I realized that since the Republican’s controlled both houses of Congress and the presidency, nothing was going to change. After 20 plus years of saying that they were going to shrink the size of government down, cut taxes and get the government off of our backs.  It was the Republican party that made the Democrats out to be the “evil bunch” and that they were keeping us from seeing this vision.  Now that they had full control of the government, they had no excuse to do what they had promised.  In the end, they did NOTHING!   Even worse, they added to the problem by expanding the government’s power, role and spending.  They even had the balls to expand Medicare, when it was blatantly obvious that we were broke!  From that moment on, I went on an awakening process that lead me to reading 65,000+ pages of original source material, with long nights of searching for answers on the internet.  This culminated in the creation of the Sons of Liberty Academy.
“The best way to control the opposition is to lead it.” — Vladimir Lenin
My first Patriot Pied Piper, is none other than Glenn Beck.   My first experience with Glenn Beck, was when he was a nationally syndicated radio host  and said that he thought  the 9/11 Truthers “are dangerous.”  I later ran across him when he said that “he hated the 9/11 victims families.” I wrote this off as a low level “shock jock” who was just trying to stir up some ratings with his asinine comments.
I really started to take an interest in this rising star, when Glenn Beck attacked Ron Paul and his supporters.  Ron Paul raised a record $4.2 million dollars with his November 5th “Money Bomb.”  This was a direct assault on the Elite’s establishment politics, which use the power of the “purse strings” to bring political hacks to the forefront.  Ron raised the money through a grassroots effort and the internet.  This could not continue to happen according to the Elite.  They tapped Glenn Beck to put a shot across the bow at the birth of the of the Freedom Movement and the Tea Party.
Glenn had a “Divided We Fall” segment, where he insinuated that Ron Paul’s supporters were a “domestic threat.”   He even had political shape shifter, David Horowitz, who was once a Communist and now a Neo Con Conservative to prove his point.  (Remember the Lenin quote about the best way to control the opposition…) Glenn saw the disenfranchisement of the people frustrated with this controlled paradigm as a growing domestic threat.  So here at the very beginning of the Freedom Movement, Glenn did not get it.  What he did get, is that this group was one that was growing and like any good salesman, he eventually changed his Magic Flute to win more ratings, just like his buddy David Horowitz.
After the election was over, Glenn got an extreme make over when he signed a $50 million dollar deal to go and work for Fox News.   Ruppert Murdoch, is without a doubt, an intelligent and dangerous globalist tool, with his world wide media empire.  His Fox News provided a powerful voice to the Right side of the False Political paradigm.  Fox News used their aggressive , Neo Con agenda, to solidify people into the “group think” of the right, or piss them off and send them to the left. Either way, the Elite win.  After the Republican’s crushing defeat in the 2008 election,  Ruppert Murdoch saw the rising tide of the Freedom Movement and he made a huge $50 million dollar investment of his new bobble head..a.k.a., Glenn Beck.
Glenn Beck was transformed overnight, from quirky political commentator on CNN, to Uber-Patriot rock star on Fox News.  Now, instead of questioning the motives of the Freedom Movement, he seemed to define it with a new show, books, websites and even his own March on Washington.  Glenn Beck took the Freedom Movement by storm.   Beck, despite his seemingly born again Revolutionary stance, is nothing more than a shill for the Elite.  

CoIntelPro or Counter Intelligence Programming, was used extensively by the establishment in the 60′s and 70′s to put down subversive groups in the U.S.  While the tactics are not used as much today overtly, they are still effective.  They can range from spying on organizations, planting false evidence, fomenting dissent in the ranks, legal harassment by police and tax collectors, to even beatings and assassinations.  All with the goal of limiting any challenge to the establishment.
CoIntelPro is much more refined today and Glenn Beck is a perfect example of it. Beck is a well paid actor that can evoke emotions with his contrived tears of patriotism.  He is well produced and for the most part, right on the money.  But like the Pied Piper, his Magic Flute may play a tune to get you to follow him, in the end, when it counts he will lead you down the wrong path.
I am going to give you two glaring examples of his deceitful ways. The first thing is the Patriot Act. This single piece of legislation has been called by Judge Andrew Napolitano, “the most dastardly act Congress has ever passed since the Alien and Sedition Act of 1798.” Here is where the Republicans went against their smaller government mantra and exploded it with unconstitutional power grabs. Beck, our new leader of the Freedom Movement, was for this! Again I can hear the little voices of dissent,”But Glenn is now against this…” Gee thanks Glenn, after years of unConstitutional intrusion and the inevitable TSA Gestapo tactics, you now change your mind?! Did you really need 9 years to figure this out?!
The second major decision he supported was the $700 billion bankster bailout. This was by far the worst financial crime ever perpetuated on the American people and you guessed it, ole’ puppet patriot was for it! On this particular issue , he has not turned tail on it… yet. Beck is there to deceive the people when the chips are down for the Elite and the people start to get upset.  He can weigh in to quell dissension with his sanctimonious commentary. When the bailout was still in debate and even when the Congress voted against it, he supported it. He said even though he did not like it, it was the right thing to do. If he was really with us, he should have put the whole corrupt system on trial, instead of rewarding the criminals that play games with our world.
I mean for Pete’s sake, comedian Jon Stewart did more than Glenn Beck when he tore TV clown Jim Cramer a new one on an extended show. Rick Santelli did more with a 5 minute outburst on live TV about the Tea Party, then Glenn Beck ever did. Hell, even this guy that held up this sign on Wall St. did more than Glenn Beck to fight this crime of the Century. But none of those guys have $50 million dollars of Ruppert Murdoch’s money behind them. That is why he is constantly jumping in our faces, like an attention whore.
Glenn’s/Ruppert’s  final goal is to keep us in the False Left Right Paradigm of the elite. Keeping the Freedom Movement under the Republican umbrella strengthens the Elite’s power and add legitimacy to their system. He does this by acting as a pressure relief value and redirecting our anger from the whole corrupt system of Collectivism. He points out Socialism as the problem or leftist Elitist tools like George Soros. He does not explain that both sides are bought and paid for by the same Elites. George Soros is just as much a tool for the Elite as Glenn Beck is. The only difference is that George Soros does not have a cable show, a radio show, multi book deals, political websites, and even his own special rally.
We should be using this time to stand on our own two feet and really stand for something other than the lesser of two evils. We all know the Dollar Debt Paradigm is on the verge of collapse. When it does, we will need real answers that will never see the light of day in the False Left Right Paradigm of the Democrat/Socialist and Republican/Fascist parties.
Glenn Beck I feel will continue to find more of a following as he  speaks about what is really going on with inflation, TSA and other issues. Just like any good liar he will give you 90% of the truth to lure you in. But at the crucial stage for the Elite, he will be there to quell the opposition. Just like the Patriot Act or the $700 Billion Bankster Bailout. The next big one could be supporting a Elite controlled Tea Party Presidential candidate, another unConstitutional power grab, another bailout or supporting another war based off of lies. I don’t know what it will be but just beware.
My next Patriot Pied Piper is Sarah Palin. Sarah Palin is a vacuous vixen specifically designed to entrance the Right as much asObama did to the Left. Her folksy charm and good looks is the perfect vessel for sound bite politics. The leftist media was very harsh on her for her poor grasp of geo political politics. But for potentially being a heart beat away from the presidency, she should be smarter than a 5th grader. Sarah is the perfect bobble head for the Elite to play their Magic Flute through. The RNC paid over $150,000 on clothes for their new Barbie doll clothes. She has her own off season reality show. Heck even her teenage mom daughter Bristol got on to Dancing with the Stars.
For being the VP candiate to Neo Con John “Bomb, Bomb, Bomb Iran” McCain, Sarah has again thrown herself into every Tea Party event she can. She was the key note speaker at the latest Tea Party convention. She was an apparent king maker in the 2010 Congressional election. She even seemingly became the official spokesman for the Tea Party after Jared Lee Loughner murders. Sarah Palin has be thrown herself into the center of the Freedom Movement even though nothing in her past would show that she had any inclination towards that before the 2008 election.  Meanwhile Ron Paul 30 year track record and who has provided the Freedom Movement the most energy and intellectual leadership, can’t get the media’s attention. This fact alone should make the casual observer at least bit curious why the obviously controlled media gives her so much attention if she was not a truly establishment troll.
Just like Glenn Beck, there is a much more powerful force guiding Sarah Palin and her invasion of the Tea Party. The driving force behind Sarah is none other than the insidious Henry Kissinger. For those of you who are not familiar with this dark lord, power broker of globalism, Henry has been behind the scenes of Global politics for over 50 years.  His foreign policy for the United States would be considered war crimes, if the US was on the losing end of a war. In fact, Christopher Hitchens wrote a damning book called the Trail of Henry Kissinger where he acted as the prosecution of Henry for his war crimes in Cambodia, Chile, and Indonesia. Henry is even been quoted as saying “Military men are dumb, stupid animals to be used as pawns for foreign policy.” Wonderful words coming from the Nobel Peace Prize winner Secretary of State.
Henry’s influence is far and wide and Sarah is just his latest move. Right after Sarah was tapped to be VP, Henry set about providing her the gravitas she desperately needed. Almost as a warning to the rest of the world that she was his girl, he threw is weight behind her.
After the election loss Sarah has made nearly $25 Million dollars on the speaking circuit. Have you ever listened to her?! Seriously, tell me it is because of her quick wit or deep thoughts. She is there to play the Magic Flute to keep the Freedom movement in the Elite’s grasp, so that it never becomes a threat to their paradigm.
My third Patriot Pied Piper is one that I must admit that even I have fallen to his Magic Flute. I am becoming more and more convinced he is here to infiltrate, subvert, and destroy the Freedom Movement. Julian Assange is this secretive almost Bruce Wayne like character.  When he was 16, this a young hacker created International Subversives with other hackers. He has run into trouble on more than one occasion. He hacked into corporations and governments alike with just modem. He founded the very popular Wikileaks in 2006 which on the face of it, is awesome concept. This high tech whistle blowing site protects the identity of those who know too much and have much to lose. The stated goal of Wikileaks is to upset the paradigm of the secretive Elite systems. Good so far, right?
Here is why the jury is still out on Julian Assange in my book. So far nothing Wikileaks has dumped is truly damaging to the power structure of the Elite. Last November the much ballyhooed Massive Wikileaks dump reminded me nothing more than petty school girl chatter. In fact I bet if Wikileaks dumped Paris Hilton’s emails, there would have been more juicy material in that than the entire Massive Wikileaks dump.
So where’s the beef?!
Who gives a sh*t if Bank of England governor Mervyn King described David Cameron and George Osborne as political lightweights who lacked depth.
Who gives a sh*t that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to obtain frequent flyer numbers, credit card details and even iris scans, fingerprints and DNA of foreign officials.
Who gives a sh*t if King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia for the United States to attack Iran to destroy its nuclear program.
Who gives a sh*t if Silvio Berlusconi of Italy’s ‘wild parties’ were described by U.S. diplomats, who called him ‘feckless, vain, and ineffective as a modern European leader’.
Who gives a sh*t if Nicolas Sarkozy an ‘emperor with no clothes’ with a ‘thin-skinned and authoritarian personal style’.
I wrote the following, the day before the Massive Wikileaks dump…

Get me the owners of the Federal Reserve with their books and meetings…
Get me the planners of 9/11…
Get me Goldman plotting the housing bubble…
Get me Al Gore scheming to lie about Climate Change to make billions…
Get me AIPAC plot to control our government and people…
Get me proof of JP Morgan and HSBC with the CRIMEX silver fraud…
Get me the plan to frame China for our collapsing dollar and send our kids off to another concocted war for Wall St…
Get me Hollywoods dirty little secrets of psychotic control…
Get me DC’s female and male prostitutes…
Get me the Clintons neck deep in murder and drugs…
Get me Obama’s Kenyan Birth certificate…
Get me proof of JFK was murdered by the same criminals who still lord over us…
Get me convictions on taking us to war with false intelligence…
Get me proof that our banks launder drug money…
Get me evidence the CIA imports all of the drugs…
Get me Alan Greenspan plans to destroy the dollar…
Get me Hank Paulson in jail for the $700 Billion Bankster Bailout…
Get me Michael Chertoff bankrupt for his TSA agenda…
Get me damaging info on the Rothschilds and Rockefellers… Get me the root and not the fallen leaf.
Get me something to rock the world out of it’s slumber.

And what Wikileaks delivered so far, has been the fallen leaf…
Until heads roll, I believe that Wikileaks is a front to contain whistle blowers and provide false intelligence when needed. I think this is just a newer and sexier CoIntelPro by the CIA. Seriously, how difficult would it have been for the CIA to grab some hacker and play good cop, bad cop with him. They could say, “we got you good and we are going to throw you in jail for the rest of your life. Or you can work with us and we will wipe away all of your charges.” It works with low level mafia thugs, why not on a global scale where the stakes are that much higher. Even in the Matrix had a scene just like this. Now you could have a Osama bin Laden like character to give the Elite enough reason to shut the internet just like Jay Rockefeller would dream of. If this is true, Wikileaks could actually contain secrets and the whistle blowers get handed over to the typical handlers….
I am deeply suspicious of Julian Assange and we will see if big Banking Dump amounts to anything more than outing some bad actors that the Elite don’t particularly like. Or if it is really damaging evidence that forces justice in this corrupt system. Time will tell.
Let me leave you with a few thoughts. First and foremost is something that guided me for many years in my own search for truth, listen to all,  follow none, walk your own path the best you can. The real danger does not come from any well conceived intelligence scam, it comes from YOU not thinking for yourself. Stop accepting what everyone one else says as fact, even me. Go out and take control of your life and stop playing the fool. The path is hard but it is worth it. I feel it is the only way you can be your highest and truest self.
The last thought is, judge a tree by it’s fruit. These are the wise words of Jesus. He gave us the best advice one could give in outing these wolves in sheep’s clothing. Any good liar and deceiver will give you 90% truths, only to nail you with that little lie. We have the added advantage of knowing that the media is fully controlled by the Elite, so really just about everything you see, is there for a reason. Heck even this very famous preacher I watch, who has not tripped my very sensitive radar for 5 years, just told his very large congregation during the TSA groping uproar to “submit to authority.” Guard your mind for we are reaching trying times. I will ultimately judge those not by their Magic Flute but by their actions.
Wake Some People Up!