Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Damned Jews

Notice the differences between these two courses on race that are being offered at UCLA:

The first is “The Jewish People and America.” In gushing language befitting a public relations puff piece the university writes:

Learn about the extraordinary relationship between a wandering people and a golden land. Discover the lessons it teaches us about the evolution of the Jewish people from hopeful immigrants seeking a haven to esteemed citizens who found a home. This program documents remarkable achievement in the face of obstacles and ingenuity in creating opportunity in a new land. This story about Jewish hopes and the realities of the American promise provides penetrating insight into how an immigrant people forged liberating New World Jewish identities across the American landscape in commerce, arts and culture, sciences, law, higher education, medicine, entertainment, and more.

The second is “Understanding Whiteness in American History and Culture: Deconstructing White Privilege for the Reconstruction of an Anti-Racist White Identity.” Here the approach is quite different:

Eurocentric American history often masks the saliency of how the formation of Whiteness ultimately supports mechanisms of race and racism. This course outlines the historical development of Whiteness and critically analyzes the sociological results that stem from its birth. The course provides a historical framework of the birth of Whiteness; explores Whiteness (namely, White Supremacy and White Privilege) and how they impact people of color and uphold racial hierarchy to engage in a REconstruction of anti-racist white racial identity.

Notice the adjectives. Jews are “extraordinary,” “hopeful,” “esteemed,” “remarkable,” ingenious, and, as I’m sure Doug Wilson would agree, have been responsible for “liberating…commerce, arts and culture, sciences, law, higher education, medicine, entertainment, and more.” Whites are “privileged,” “racist,” “Eurocentric” Supremacists who “uphold racial hierarchy.” Each of the students in this class is paying more than a hundred thousand dollars for his own destruction. The victory of Jews could not be more complete.



  1. A HUNDRED THOUSAND BUCKS ?! Man, that's unreal. True deadheads paying for their own sub-jew-gation.

    Can't folks see the obvious anymore, the dual standards ... or do they just not care ?

  2. I grew up with this crap as all southerners did. Continously degrading comedies that portrayed all southern white males as buffoons.The white women were continously portrayed as helpless women of low virtue. All whites are now being lumped into groups of ball less,cowards of low intelligence.When you are totally degraded and no one fears you or respects you.You will be processed for orderly disposal.

  3. Welcome Cracker and nice to meet you!
    I like the way you think and I feel the same way.

    Hey Jeff, you're right on both counts. Most folks are oblivious and they don't care about anything.

  4. This anti-white propaganda and agenda is prevalent in high schools and middle schools as well, though in different forms. It has now reached the point that any conservative or "racially aware" parent who would subject their child to this sort of brainwashing by having them attend the public schools needs to have their head examined. For some, it takes an entire lifetime before they finally break the conditioning. But by then it's virtually too late.

  5. sub jew gation. Thats beautiful Jeff

  6. Shieldline (Hee !) - don't know what come over me man. My anti-semitism just plain slipped out I reckon !

    Know you've been a reader here for awhile ... glad to see Cracker and Kinswoman have found their way. Joys got some good 'uns !